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For years now I have been researching banks and credit unions to find the very best ones that help those that need second chance checking. 

This web site is designed to help people get their financial life back in order. Anywhere from checking accounts, credit repair, and credit card help. The information from the old ChexsystemsVictims site can now be found here to help you. 



What is Chexsystems?

Chexsystems is a credit reporting agency where banks and credit union report negative activity from checking and savings accounts. Types of activity that may be reported  to ChexSystems include:

  • Having your account closed involuntarily by the financial institution.
  • Bouncing checks. Financial institutions will typically only report people who fail to pay the non-sufficient fund fees and/or bounce checks habitually, not those that do it once by mistake but some banks do 
  • Overdrawing your account. Being in the red a day or two before depositing funds will not generally get you reported to ChexSystems, but if you fail to add money after a reasonable period of time or you repeatedly overdraw, the chances are good that you will be reported.Some banks report every NSF
  • Committing an act of fraud, such as altering checks or providing false information about your identity.
  • Applying for a checking account, ordering checks, or reporting a check or debit card lost or stolen. Most of the time, these activities are perfectly legitimate and will not be held against you, but they can be a sign of fraudulent activity, which is why financial institutions may report them to ChexSystems. Some check ordering companies will report every check order.. it is important that once you open an account that you keep your information private and only order checks from a safe company
Information can stay on your ChexSystems report for five years. If you owe an outstanding debt, paying it does not get it removed from your report early (unless the financial institution voluntarily deletes it), although your report will show that it was paid. If money was owed to the reporting bank(s) there is a chance that this will also be turned over to a collection agency and may show up on your credit reports as well. 

Positive information is generally not reported to ChexSystems. If you have never had any incidents of mismanagement, you probably do not have a ChexSystems report. This is why we believe Chexsystems is not a fair system.  Many have objected to its reporting practices.  

-They state the system does not report fairly, and unlike credit bureaus which have both positive and negative information on your credit report;  

-Chexsystems only contains negative information.  This jeopardizes your reputation as a consumer, when you would otherwise be qualified to open checking accounts.

Opening an account with a ChexSystems report

When you apply to open a checking or savings account,most financial institutions will run your name in the ChexSystems database to see if you have a report. Some financial institutions may deny everyone who has a ChexSystems report, while others may only deny people with certain types of activity. ChexSystems itself does not approve or deny applications - it merely provides reports to financial institutions.

If you are denied an account due to having a ChexSystems report, that does not necessarily mean that there are no options available to you.  

As far as finding a bank that does not use Chexsystems, the options vary from state to state. While some states have many that do not, other states have only a few. But regardless of where you live, there are options to help everyone. 

Many people believe if they pay any debt owed to a reporting bank, that they will then be removed from chexsystems but this is not true. 

Many times paying off the reporting bank can cause you to be reported for a longer period of time than you would have been if you had not paid the debt owed. This is why I sometimes suggest NOT to pay the debt owed to the reporting bank(s) especially on accounts that are older ones. 

Certain actions can restart the debt statute of limitations on a dormant account.

This includes:

acknowledging that you owe the debt

making a payment

entering a payment plan

making an agreement to pay

making a charge on the account

If the clock on the statute of limitations restarts, it starts back at zero. This gives the creditor or collector more time to use the court to force you to pay the debt. 

An account that anyone can get regardless of where you live is at Washington Savings Bank

Details below:

Can I apply for a Rewards Card Checking Account even if I do not live in Massachusetts? – Yes, Rewards Card Checking Accounts are available to anyone inside the United States who is a U.S. citizen.

Is there a monthly maintenance fee? – Yes, a monthly fee of $4.95 will be imposed every statement cycle. Keep in mind, you also earn unlimited debit card cash rewards, so you may earn more on rewards than the monthly fee!

How does this compare to a prepaid card? - Just like a prepaid card, you can make deposits and use the card anywhere Mastercard® is accepted. But you also have the benefits of one low monthly fee of $4.95 with no deposit (load) fees or ATM fees if you use the Allpoint® network of ATMs. This account should be much cheaper than a prepaid card.

How do I make deposits? - The easiest way is setting up direct deposit, which we'll help you set up. If need to deposit cash, simple buy an inexpensive money order check available at most convenience stores and use our mobile check deposit APP to deposit the check electronically. You can also use our POP money service to electronically transfer funds into your account or use the old fashion way of mail.

Does a Rewards Card Checking Account come with a real checkbook? – Yes, you will receive a real checkbook with your own personal checks.

Does a Rewards Card Checking Account come with a MasterCard debit card? – Yes, you will receive your own personal MasterCard debit card.

Can I add a joint owner? – Yes, once opened, you may add a joint owner to the account using our ADD A JOINT OWNER form.

Do I receive full online banking privileges? - Yes, you receive the same online banking functions as all of our checking accounts. Online banking, bill payment, Popmoney®, mobile banking and mobile check deposit. It even has some money management tools to help you manage your money better.

An option that is very popular where available is U.S. Bank .. while U.S. Bank does use chexsystems, they are known to approve those reported to chexsystems as long as fraud is not indicated on the chexsystems report.


Name of Bank

US Bank



Form of Verification used by bank


Special Notes


Most US banks “in store” branches are giving accounts to most people on chexsystems. These are regular accounts,  not 2nd chance long as you do NOT owe US Bank money and you are not reported on your chexsystems report for any kind of

" fraudulent activity "



There are some branches that are still not using this policy so it might be a good idea to call a branch local to you and ask about their policy first before going in.


Some “in store” branches have signs that actually says “Chexsystems? no problem!”….yet others will not open accounts at all. People are approved everyday. 


Membership Information:


Email From Bank


Types of accounts offered


Personal checking, savings and business accounts




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